JPGAvi 1.07

Is out, it now has the ability to create a slide show, existing users may upgrade free of charge.

JPGAvi JPGAvi is used to create a video file from either a series or a single bitmap file. Its uses include:-

  • Animate a collection of bitmap files.
  • Make a video from webcam images.
  • Create a slide show from digital camera photographs
  • A sound track can be added.
  • A single bitmap file can be made into a video file that is several seconds long, for the case when a picture needs to be inserted in a an existing video file, such as adding still images to wedding videos
  • The bitmap file can be scaled, rotated, flipped, mirrored etc.
  • 99% of the most used bitmap formats are supported.


Our Freeware products include our highly successful JPGVideo, plus our in-house utilities such as FTPUpload, WinRASDialIT and NDWGeotag.


If you are interesting in hiking have a look at our sister site especially if you use a GPS, it contains maps and photographs. The walks are mostly in the Peak District, England.

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