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FTPUpload is a Win32, Windows 98, 2000, NT or XP program that uploads files from a PC to a Web site using FTP, with two button clicks. It will only upload files that have changed since the last upload, FTPUpload will create any necessary directories on the FTP server. Directories that have an "_v" prefix on the PC are ignored.

There is a tree deletion option that allows for an entire directory structure on the FTP server to be deleted.

I could not find a simple program on the Net to do this so I wrote my own, a technical description is available here.

  • Only files that have been modified since the last upload are transferred.
  • Files in any "_v" directories, as created by Microsoft FrontPage, are ignored.
  • The current transfer/delete list can be stored. for reloading later.
  • An entire directory structure, on the FTP server, can be deleted.
  • Before any tree deletion is started a list of files to be deleted is displayed and the user is prompted before any deletion occurs.
  • The software can easily be uninstalled.
  • The registry is not used and no system files are updated, all files are copied to a single directory.
  • It is multi lingual, English, French and German.
  FTPUpload Screen shot

The program is freeware, you may freely use this software and/or copy and give it to anyone. It MUST not be sold or any fee charged for it, download the licence for more information.

  This software is free, but we would appreciate a small donation, if you decide to use it, to help pay our web site costs.