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The program was written using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 using the WinInet functions. It uses the MFC as a static library to prevent relying on, or needing to update MFC42.DLL on the host PC. These functions do not support RESUME but my intention was that this program would be a simple tool to keep my web site synchronised and I felt that large files would not need to be uploaded that often.

The WinInet.dll should be installed on your PC by default, it also installed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Occasionally when aborting an upload of a large file the InternetCloseHandle function hangs, the code does allow for this./p>

I have deliberately used an ini file for configuration, and not the registry, because I felt it was simpler if the user ever wanted to move the program to another PC, it is then just a case of copying the INI file across rather than cutting/pasting from the registry or re configuring.

It was written because I wanted a simple means of updating my web site.

  • NT4 SP6 P133
  • NT4 SP6 Dual Celeron 450MHz

FTP Servers

The following FTP servers were used on my PC as well as FTP servers on the NET.

  • Alex's FTP Server
  • Xitami
  • Quick ín Easy FTP Server

For a quick test we would recommend Quick ín Easy FTP Server, it is very simple and easy to set up:-



During testing we have managed to break all of the named FTP servers, but we were not always using the latest versions, usually this was due to GIGO problems.

The uploads used directories with several hundred directories and thousands of files, these were deleted using the tree deletion option.



This is achieved by the use of a resource only DLL, the French translation was done in a morning, if you want to translate it into another language please contact us via our contact page.

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