Wish List


Wish List

The following is a list of options that are we are planning to add to FTPUpload. They will be added if we need them or there is sufficient feed back from users requesting any of the, or indeed any suggestions for enhancements are welcomed

  • To have an explorer style view of the FTP server instead of typing in the directory name.
  • Allow for RESUME of uploads
  • Currently only 1 FTP site can be configured, add an option for the configuration of several sites. There is a workaround for this situation in the FAQ.
  • Have a timer option to automate uploads, e.g. to upload Webcam pictures
  • _v directories are ignored, have this configurable by the user, i.e. allow other directories to be ignored.
  • Have a synchronisation option, to make the web site identical to the PC version, this could potentially be dangerous if a file is deleted on the PC then, possibly, the only one in existence, on the FTP server, would be deleted also. For my modem connection synchronisation would be very slow.

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