RunConsoleApp 1.00

RunConsoleApp allows for BAT and "DOS" EXE files to be run within a GUI environment.


RunConsoleApp was written because I got tired of having to continually go into a" DOS" box to run a batch file.

It can accept the name of the program and its arguments by either of the following methods:-

  • As Command line arguments.
  • Using the Properties Dialog
  • By dragging and dropping the EXE or BATCH file.

It is possible, but rather pointless, to run Windows programs as well.

V 1.00
  • Original release

The download size is less that 60KB. There is no installer.


The program is freeware, you may freely use this software and/or copy and give it to anyone. It MUST not be sold or any fee charged for it, download the licence for more information.

  This software is free, but we would appreciate a small donation, if you decide to use it, to help pay our web site costs.

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