WinRASDialIT is yet another Windows RAS Dialler, written as most are, to solve a connection problem with DUN that I had.

  • Keeps a log of the monthly connection time.
  • Can wait until a specific time before dialling out, in the UK some ISPs give free phone access after a certain time, but can take ages to connect.
  • A WAV file can be played when a connection is made.
  • Two ISP's can be specified, one having a connection time period, depending on the current time the relevant ISP will be dialled.
  • The registry is not used all configuration is via an INI file.
  • Can run a program once a connenction is made, e.g. one that will keep the connection alive.
  • Connects to a time server to keep the connection alive and updates the PC's clock.
  • Can Ping a site and display the connection statistics.
System Requirements
  • Windows 9X or NT
  • Internet Explorer V4.0, or above, for the online help

The program is freeware, you may freely use this software and/or copy and give it to anyone. It MUST not be sold or any fee charged for it, download the licence for more information.


This software is free, but we would appreciate a small donation, if you decide to use it, to help pay our web site costs.


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