MD5 Checksum

MD5SUM is a very simple program to display checksums of all the files in a directory. It assumes that the directory to start the search from is 'C:\Program Files\NDW'.

Download the file and simply double click it.

It does not modified, or use, the registry, neither are any files writen to your hard disk when the program is run.

To use it smply press 'Select Dir' and choose a directory,  the checksums of all the files in that directory will be displayed.

You may save these to a file if you wish.

MD5SUM Download
Size 28,672 bytes
Checksum EFE7735A1162C00F74ADCF6108FF5081
Source code Download

MD5SUM is provided under the GPL licence so the Visual C++ 6.0 source code is also available.

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