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End-user and distribution licence agreement.
  • Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included in the JPGAvi package is Copyrighted by Mr. T. Ferenc NDW Ltd.

  • Copyright 2002 - 2010 Mr. T. Ferenc NDW Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • This software is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author, nor NDW Ltd., be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

  • JPGAvi may not be rented or leased, but the user may freely evaluate and distribute JPGAvi, a small charge or fee may be charged for the physical act of transferring a copy. If after 30 days you wish to continue using JPGAvi

  • This software may be distributed on online services, bulletin boards, or other electronic media, and on CD-ROM, disk, or other physical media as long as the distribution package is not modified.

  • To register the registration form must be completed, on line, and the registration fee paid at the authorised registration site. See the registration box in JPGAvi for details.

  • There will be no refund of this fee, it is up to the user to evaluate the software during the trial period to ensure it is suitable for their requirements.

  • NDW reserve the right not to supply replacement keycodes, if a customer has lost their copy unless written proof of purchase is supplied.

  • Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive licence to use JPGAvi on one computer, for any legal purpose, at a time. Non commercial users may install JPGAvi on any number of computers, that are owned by the registered user, at their home, corporate users must purchase a site licence, email for details.

  • The user must not clone, emulate, or in any way reverse engineer, rent, lease, sell, or modify the program and supplied files (help, examples, pre-sets etc.)

  • The user may not de-compile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce this software to a human perceivable form. The user may not modify, rent or sell for profit this software, or create derivative works based upon this software.

  • The user must not alter this software in any way, including changing or removing any messages or windows.

  • NDW Ltd. reserve the right to email you when a new version of JPGAvi has been produced, we will NOT use your email address for any other purpose.

  • If you do not agree with this licence you must delete JPGAvi and all associated files and discontinue to use it.

  • In the event of any dispute the law in England and Wales will prevail.

  • JPGAvi 2002 - 2010 Mr. T. Ferenc NDW Ltd.
    NDW Ltd. is registered in England and Wales No. 3749122

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