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  • Added a Slide Show Option
  • New version of the graphics library
  • Fixed bug when a very small frame time was specified
  • Added several default video format presets
  • The frame rate (FPS) can be specified as a decimal value
  • Option to auto close AVI file once processing has finished.
  • A newer version of the  graphics library is used.
  • WAV files other than 8 bit can now be used.
  • If a GIF file, or any 8 bit or less file, is processed it is internally converted to 24 bit to remove any dependencies on the palette. Batch Mode additions
  • -e error.txt
  • -i myinifie.ini
  • -w 640
  • -h 480
  • -p filenames.txt
  • -c "DIVX"


  • Watchdog Timer added
  • No longer writes data to the ini file when in batch mode
  • Advanced dialog box now has an option to set the processing thread priority, from slow to normal.
  • Files sorted correctly on start up now
  • Bug fixed when in batch mode the 1st file does not exist
  • When selecting an output directory a directory can now be created, does not work on NT
  • Text on the select directory dialog box fixed.
  • New graphics library used
  • Ther error.txt file is deleted when JPGAvi is started.
  • Maximum frames per second increased to 128.
  • Faster rotation for 90/180/270 degrees.
  • Use graphics and MFC libraries as DLLs.
  • New graphics library.
  • New tool bar icons.
  • Ability to process the last X minutes of Webcam files.
  • Fixed bug when shutting down the PC, JPGAvi did not close cleanly.
  • New style of configuration dialog boxes.
  • Changing frame time or unique/single file names now has no effect during processing.
  • Various minor cosmetic changes.
  • Now has the ability to add a sound track.
  • Batch mode would sometimes give the error message "Please wait still processing files" and JPGAvi would not close correctly.
  • Key frame can now be set.
  • Codec quality slider now pre set to the last value specified.
  • Can now process 8 bit bitmap files.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.01 that did not store the codec percentage quality correctly.
  • Win 95/98 Codec dialog did not display on all systems, now fixed
  • XP Fixed overwriting AVI file problem
  • Video Image picture aspect ratio now identical to the output AVI file.
  • Altered dialog box layout for XP
  • Win 98 systems sometimes had problems displaying the Codec dialog and the About box.
  • Implement a new version of the graphics library.
  • Minor speed improvements.
  • Added toolbar button to process all files.
  • Original Release

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